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Experienced freelance web developer, adept in WordPress and Java, with a dynamic career journey from an instructor to a skilled professional in IT companies and freelancing.

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    Intro to Iphone Application

    well 1st of all, get the tools ready … actually da only required tool for iphone application development is xcode …. u can find about xcode how to code in xcode IDE but it’s nt clearly given where to find xcode.. well it comes with your mac install DVD (optional package) u need to install…


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    iphone Boot Camp

    August 11-16, 2009, New York City: The iPhone Boot Camp is offering Master Workshops in iPhone Development with Jeff LaMarche, co-author of the bestseller “Beginning iPhone Development. Exploring the SDK” and Steven Kochan, author of “Programming in Objective C 2.0″ The workshops are hands on and limited to fifteen developers. You will be learning from…


  • ExtJS, email validation (regex)

    ExtJS doesn’t support email validation with all real world email addresses using vtype :’email’….. but ExtJS has given us regex config for any textfield….. so idea is to use that regex for email validation on any textfield used for storing email…… ExtJS, Email Validation using regex validate email field using regex for emails which contains…


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