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  • NoClassDefFoundError vs. ClassNotFoundException

    Java Developer, we all have seen and felt that situation when we are hitting deadline and we get you see NoClassDefFoundError or sometime ClassNotFoundException. There are also times when we see this situation where local development has no issues and runs great but when deployed to Environments or even High Availability environment such as Production…


  • Class Loader Concept In Detail

    Under Construction


  • What is Apache Maven

    What is Maven Apache Maven is open source tool for building Java projects, distributing project and managing them. It can compile source file, execute unit tests as well as assemble artifacts. In facts it is a successor of ant, more like a replacement of ant with additional capability. It makes use of POM (project Object…


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    REST Services

    What is REST Services Representational State Transfer or simply REST is an architectural style and which typically runs over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). It relies on stateless HTTP protocol. An API that adheres to the principles of REST does not require the client to know anything about the structure of the API. The browser which…


  • Iphone Tricks And Tips

    Iphone Tricks And Tips I am about to reveal tiny little iphone tips and tricks here which might interest you.  So let’s start. 1. Lock the screen orientation Sometime, we don’t want our Iphone’s screen to change it’s orientation specially when using Iphone while in bed. And Guess what, we can lock it’s Orientation simply…


  • Macbook Pro, best Laptop for Windows OS

    Best Laptop for Windows OS Do you believe me if i say, “MacBook Pro is the Best Laptop for windows OS“. I hope not, but here is the deal, Soluto, a PC Service company came up with a fact and figure to claim it is indeed. It means what, the best windows Laptop is one…


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    What is the difference between Bounded and UnBounded taskflows?

    Oracle Adf Bounded and Unbounded Taskflow and difference between Bounded and Unbounded Taskflow. Bounded Task Flow Unbounded Task Flow Bounded TF have single entry point and can have zero or more exit points. Bounded Task Flow should always have a default Activity which is also an entry point for your Bounded Task Flow. Unbounded TF…


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    What is a Taskflow?

    Taskflows are the controllers for the ADF. ADFc is the biggest and important new feature in the Oracle ADF framework. Developers can easily drag and drop page/ fragment, check condition (Router), call another task flow (reusability of Taskflow is seen here) , call method (either managed bean or method from data control)  and can easily…


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    What is difference between managed and backing beans?

    Although general convention is to use one Managed beans per JSF page/fragment, but managed beans can be used with multiple pages.  But Backing Bean can be only used for single page/fragment. Normally, Managed Bean is desired to have Pageflow scope, but can use even higher Access scope. Backing Beans are not expected to have higher…


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