REST Services



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What is REST Services

Representational State Transfer or simply REST is an architectural style and which typically runs over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). It relies on stateless HTTP protocol.
An API that adheres to the principles of REST does not require the client to know anything about the structure of the API.
The browser which is actually Client doesn’t know in advance where to submit the information, and it doesn’t know in advance what information to submit.

The use of REST is often preferred over the more heavyweight SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) style because REST is lite weight and is a better fit for use over the Internet.

REST relies mainly upon following HTTP method

1. GET – for read CRUD operation.
2. POST – To insert CRUD operation.
3. PUT – To Update CRUD operation.
4. DELETE – To delete CRUD operation.
5. PATCH – Update/ Partial update CRUD operation.