Iphone Tricks And Tips



Iphone Tricks And Tips

I am about to reveal tiny little iphone tips and tricks here which might interest you.  So let’s start.

1. Lock the screen orientation

Sometime, we don’t want our Iphone’s screen to change it’s orientation specially when using Iphone while in bed. And Guess what, we can lock it’s Orientation simply doing the following steps:

Step I. Double Tap in the Home Button to bring up Multitasking bar.

Step II. Swipe to the right until you see Orientation Lock Icon

Step III. Tap to lock and again Tap it to Unlock the Orientation.


Orienatation Icon.


2. Reset the Dictionary

Iphone has the capability to learn new words when used often and this can sometimes become annoying and you end up typing something else because of the Dictionary.

Here is a joke :  One spelling mistake destroyed my friends marriage!

My Friend wrote a message to his wife while he was in the official trip and forgot to add ‘e’ at the end of a word, and the message is read as:
I am having such a wonderful time! Wish you were her“, and they are now divorced.

Here is how you can reset your Iphone’s Dictionary.

Go to Settings-> General-> Reset-> Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Ignore the warning that says, This will erase your all custom type words and bla bla. and tap the red button Reset Dictionary.


3. Charging your Iphone Quickly

Sometimes, we are in hurry and don’t have time to charge our Iphone and in some cases where there is load shedding and you don’t have electricity to charge your Iphone, you want to have your Iphone charged quickly right!!

Here is the deal, put your Iphone in Airplane mode, this will charge your Iphone twice faster.


4. Zoom through Iphone Camera

If you need to zoom something bit closer then all you need to do is just pinch it :D.

Yes, it’s true, just pinch it and you will be able to see Zoom Bar and you can zoom it accordingly.


5. Compose your own Vibrator 

Instead of using the default vibration, you can customize your own vibration on your Iphone and that’s quite simple as well,

Settings-> Sounds-> Ringtones-> Vibration Tab -> Custom-> Create New Vibration

Now, Just Tap as you like to generate your own Vibration. If you are good enough with music then create something elegant, well i have created “Smoke on water” vibration 😀

Here is quick and easy Video from HackCollage


Reference: HackCollege.com , Apple.com


An Apple a day keeps doctor away and Apple’s Iphone keeps Android far Away .  Iphone Rocks… CHEERS