Macbook Pro, best Laptop for Windows OS



Best Laptop for Windows OS

Do you believe me if i say, “MacBook Pro is the Best Laptop for windows OS“. I hope not, but here is the deal, Soluto, a PC Service company came up with a fact and figure to claim it is indeed.

It means what, the best windows Laptop is one which is not built for Windows !!! isn’t that amazingly weird? Well as a matter of fact all Apple Products are really amazing and weird, For me at least I have no doubt in it.

As a PC Service company, Soluto manages multiple PCs from anywhere, gets the PC to starts fast, debug the hogging CPU and it’s cause and much more to maximize the performance of the PC.

Soluto came up with a report that provides the list of Laptops that are best for Windows in the order of performance (Highest at top) . They actually came up with this idea to publish a report to help choose PC that is best fits for us.

I believe that this report is authentic because those test were conducted on long term based analysis taking into account real world scenario where events like Application Crash, Blue-Screen of Death, Hogging Application, boot time are analyzed over 150,000 laptops in 3 months time.

And The result of the report showed that,

1. 13-inch Macbook Pro
2. Acer Aspire E1-571
3. Dell XPS 13

Reference : Mashable

13-inch Macbook Pro has excellent result, with very few crashes and hangs.