Converting WP To WPMU




Converting WordPress To WordPress MU is Simple
What i think about converting from WP to WordPress MUsimply requires fews steps:

1) backup your WP DB .
2) fresh Install MU and let MU create Tables for You… the tables it creates are :
a) WP_1_posts
b) WP_1_Postmeta , etc
3) Now from your old DB ..
a) find wp_post -> export ,
b) open in your favorite Text Editor -> replace ‘wp_’ with ‘wp_1_’ (without quote)
c) import into your WPMU Db (before importing clean/empty WPMU Wp_1_post table)

4) Repeat step 3 for each table present in your WP Db table that has corresponding wp_1 table …

#NOTE : By corresponding table i Mean …. example
WP table – wp_posts
WPMU table – wp_1_posts

## WP_1_posts ….here 1 means main table…table for first blog … it’s always Admin’s blog. ##

Following these steps u can convert any WordPress blog to WordPress MU