What are various components in ADF?

ADF UI Components : There are 150+ ajax enabled , Rich UI component,  Broadly under : –          Layout Components –          Common Component and –          Operation Component   ADF Business Component:  primary BC are : –          Entity –          ViewObject –          ApplicationModule Read more ›

Sub-domain issue

I came across a situation, Everything was fine … wordpress 3.0  was installed properly but i was unable to create sub domain for wordpress for example : or or or or any other such sub domain Read more ›

iphone Boot Camp

August 11-16, 2009, New York City: The iPhone Boot Camp is offering Master Workshops in iPhone Development with Jeff LaMarche, co-author of the bestseller “Beginning iPhone Development. Exploring the SDK” and Steven Kochan, author of “Programming in Objective C 2.0″ Read more ›