About Me

i’m a freelance web developer. I do wordpress and java jobs. I am more interested in doing things different. when i’m working i listen to music and when i’m not working again i am listening to music.  🙂

we have more than hundreds of career alternatives and choosing the best for an individual is the very complex and confusing. But for me this has been the most simplest and spontaneous decision because I have been fascinated by Technology since my childhood. My exceptional passion about computers and  my good grade was recognized by my college so they gave me an opportunity as an Instructor.
I started my first job as a instructor for C/C++ and java. This job experience made a significant difference in my life, widen my skills and interest in programming, and I was confident that programming is my forte.

After completing my undergraduation in information technology (BIT), I got an opportunity to work for “WorxPro”, a leading IT company in Nepal as a Web Developer. This job experience enriched me with web programming skills.

Then, I joined FunLife Trading Pvt. Ltd, an IT company in Nepal as Web Developer. During the tenure in FunLife Trading Pvt. Ltd, i also got an opportunity to learn and implement ExtJS and also built strong skills in XHTML/CSS and wordpress.

ExtJS is one of the best cross-browser JavaScript library for building RIA (Rich Internet Applications). With ExtJS you can build rich, sustainable web applications faster than ever.

I began to write xhtml/css code complimenting web2.0 standard, was able to built Rich Internet Application (RIA) using ExtJS and Php , developed hands on skills in wordpress for the development of any dynamic sites.

Additionally, I was very fortunate to work for one of the leading IT Company in Nepal, Arhant Solution Pvt. Ltd. where i worked as a Java Developer.

Apart from this I also worked as freelancer. Since I love to work independently and enjoy implementing my creativity in work, I felt that freelancing is best for me. I enjoyed it thoroughly so the task assigned for me was more fun and challenging than just regular work.

Today when I look back at my career path I feel overwhelmed because I always was able to follow the right track. I enjoyed all the steps that I took from Instructor ->Web Developer -> Java Programmer -> FREELANCER.  The challenge and fun encouraged me to work harder and enrich me with good technical knowledge. Finally after adequate work experience I am doing my master in computer science in Maharishi University of Management.

I will write more latter as things happens…

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