How To Increase Page Rank




Ranking in Google is not that big of a deal as you think. I know, it’s hard to believe at first, Please keep reading and you will know how.

This article is also for me to remind that I need to do below steps to get good ranking in Google for my content too. 

You don’t have to do anything special to get good page rank for your Site, Just keep an eye of keywords that you use in your content, use SEO Plugin and add Meta Title and Descriptions to each of your post, etc. I will talk about each one of them in details and you will go aha!

Page Rank can be increased if you are careful with few stuffs like:

During Site Development Phase

During the development of your site, watch out for few things and you are one step closer to successful ranking.

Correct Semantic xhtml Tags

When Developer hands you HTML code for the website or if you are developing HTML yourself, Make sure it passes the Semantic Test. You can go to and click Validate to see if Your HTML Code passes the test.

Make Sure your Site Performance is good

When it comes to performance of the site, google will try to discard your site if it is too slow and has a lot of bounces.

You can improve the performance of your site by using less Images and medias. or use the images that are smaller in size so that it loads fast.

We will come back to this topic again in below topics.

During Initial Setup Of Your Site

Yes You guessed it Right, we simple have to watch for small things on every stage of Site Development to Full Roll out.

I Know more about WordPress, so i am going to talk about things from WordPress Prospective.

Install SEO Plugin for Your WordPress Site

After you have installed WordPress and ready to add some content ! just hold it there, You want to first install SEO Plugin for Your Site. SEO Plugin such as All In One SEO Pack, Squirrly SEO, etc. will work.

Install Sitemap Plugin for your WordPress Site

Sitemap is the xml file that resides on your root of your website directory in your webserver and this is the file that Google and Bing and Yahoo (Search Engines) reads and will index it in their engine.

Once you install any Sitemap plugin such as Google Sitemap Plugin or whatever plugin for Sitemap, it will do all the lifting such as when you create any content it will auto register the url in Sitemap by itself. This will help search engine such as google to fetch fresh contents from your site.

Register Your Site in Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the wonderful place as it have all kinds of information you need to know about your site from keyword planning prospective, meta title and description ideas, performance of your site, indexing your page in google, etc.

I will come to this topic again in below description more.

Register Your Site in Google Analytics

You want to register your site in google Analytics so that you know how many visitors are coming to your site and what pages they are reading and how long did they stay and did your visitor came by direct link or through referral or through Organic search.

Our Target is always Organic Search, so You want to know what keyword brought your Visitors to your site.

During Full Rollout Of Your WebSite.

Ranking in Google is a continuous process and you will have to keep doing below things as you release any content for your site.

Index your Pages in Google, Index it as you release new Content and you can do it from Google Search Console.

Google bot will come to your site to read your Sitemap.xml file periodically but it may or may not index your page in the Google Engine. So it is very important that you index your new page or post as soon as you create them so that google starts to show your site in search result.

If you don’t index your pages and post as soon as you create them, oh boy! you will have to wait couple months even to show your page in last page of google.

I have written small app in my site that will show you, where you rank in google for a Keyword. Check out

Like I mentioned in the above section that i will come back to this topic again in below section, here it is:

Google Search Console also provides you keyword used by Your Visitor or Potential Visitor which will help you do research on your keyword via Google Trends.

During Publishing Content For Your Site

Content publishing comes with small challenge and if you are aware of it, you will hit the top of google listing in no time.

Content is the Key

I know, you know that and everyone says the same thing. But i want to focus on content but in different way.

We can not rank in google if the content is short and does not have right keyword.

To Plan right Keyword for your Content, You will need to do a little research. I will talk about some keyword Analysis and Resource Tools that will be helpful to plan for the Keyword for your content.

Keyword Analysis Tools : Keyword Shitter

Looks funny name but this is very helpful when you need right keyword for your content. – This Website will get all the google autocomplete words and give you complete list of LongTailkeyword for your Keyword.

This is must use tools specially when your target keyword is LongTailedKeyword.

Keyword Analysis Tools : Answer The Public

This tool – gives you all list of questions, in our word LongTailedKeyword that people are asking on the Google Search.

With these above two tools, we now have enough keywords to choose from but before deciding our so call the best Long Tailed Keyword, Let’s Ask Google which should I use right !

So now, it’s time to use Google Trends to find the popularity of our new discovered Long Tailed Keyword.

Google Trends For Keyword Research

Do Research for your Page/Post Title, Tags, Category, Meta Title and Meta Description.

Google Trends , is a free tools provided by google that can be used to do the research for your keyword. I will describe about this again in below section as there is more to it as well.

Use Keyword for Meta Title and Meta Description

Using Meta Title and Meta Description will give google higher visibility and will help google to list your page on top. But make sure you use the Keyword that is present in your content of the page or post otherwise google will remove your site from it’s index.

Always remember that google wants to show your pages in search result as much as you want to see it in top but google’s intent is to provide reliant information to the user.

Imagine you want to search something in google and you get back wasteful result, how will you feel ? Right. Now you know what you need to do for your Content and Keyword.

SEO Friendly Long Tailed Keyword for Content

Long Tailed Keyword for Content is very important to attract Visitor via Google Search.

Let me define Long Tailed Keyword first and explain why we are going after long tailed keyword instead of short.

Long Tailed keywords are like:
1. How to Recover Database Using Log File.
2. How Much Does it Cost To Climb Mount Everest.
3. Top 10 Food in Nepal besides Momos.

Now that you know what is Long Tailed Keyword, so come up with your own Long Tailed Keyword for your Page/Post and use Google Search Console for Keywords People are using to get your page impression and use Google Trends to see which Long Tailed Keyword is better for your Content.

Once you come up with your few Long Tailed Keywords, put them in your content wherever it makes sense and then use them in Your Meta Title and Meta Description and also you can create similar tags for that Post.

Note: Page impression mean, Visitor saw your page in the listing but didn’t click on it. and may be it is all the way down in the list or something like that.

Link Exchange or BackLink

Initially, this will work, but this is not a big reason for ranking your page in google. It will help to index your page and is good thing for initial release of your site.

Not saying, it is not necessary but i will consider this as last thing in my todos and do give most time on all above mentioned steps instead.

See I told you in the start of my post already ranking for google is not a big deal, just make sure you follow above mentioned steps and you will get there soon.

Just Remember Google also needs your content so that it can server it’s user with best result. So all you need to do it help google get what it needs and what it reads (Sitemap, Meta Tags/description, Long Tailed Keywords in the content, Headline Text (h1 tag to h4 tag).

I Hope I have covered all the bits and pieces, if you think it’s helpful, please let me know in the comments and if You have any question you can always feel free to Comment.

Conclusion: It’s About Helping Google Help You:

  • Content is the Priority: Ultimately, remember that Google wants to serve its users with valuable content. Align your efforts with this goal, focusing on quality content, strategic keywords, and impeccable meta elements.

By following these steps diligently, you’ll find that Google ranking is not an elusive summit. It’s a journey that rewards careful planning, optimization, and a commitment to delivering value.