TV Commercial with an Iphone 5

TV Commercial with an Iphone 5

You are about to witness a Commercial TV Ad of Allied Irish Bank’s which was shot entirely with an IPhone 5.  This ad is about the Mobile Banking App called AIB from Allied Irish Bank. This is really a very big decision made to shot the 30 seconds Commercial TV Ad with IPhone 5 and guess what, it is still competitive and spread like an ad of this ad.

This ad was shot With IPhone 5 with a minimum amount of cost but achieved high Publicity. But if it was instead shot with most expensive camera then it might not have got this publicity. Wow, that’s called the innovation.

This ad is simply a video shot from a train somewhere in europe with a song on background called “Petardu”

Petardu” is a song by Dublin based band Delorentos from their recent album “Little Sparks”

AIB app has been downloaded by more than 350,000 people all over, Sure you may wanna add one more count to it.

According to ad agency, This ad is meant to capture “those moments of journey when you look up from whatever you are doing on your phone and look out the window”.

Check out the Video and fellow people be proud who have IPhone 5 🙂 … You might be doing one of those such thing too and i will be writing about you  😀

Reference: Mashable


Commercial TV Ad shot with an IPhone 5 !!! Publicity doesn’t always cost lots of resources and money .

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