Jokes: Shit happens when you mess with Little Jonny


Shits happens when you mess with Little Jonny 

One morning little Jonny sat on the breakfast table expecting breakfast, but instead his mom scolded him.

Mom: You lazy kid, you don’t study, neither do your assignments. Everyday teachers are complain about you talking dirty in class. You now have to do some household work: go and miilk a cow, feed chickens and pigs.

Little Jonny: Starts to yell at cow, chicken and pig. And finally returns back to breakfast table and notice that his mom just pour some dry cereals on this bowl that’s it. And starts to yell, where is milk, egg and beacon.

Mom: No Milk because you yelled at cow.
No Eggs because you yelled at chicken.
No Beckon because you yelled at pig.

Dad: Comes down to breakfast yelling at cat and finally kicks it on the way.

Little Jonny: Looks at his mother and says “Do you want to hell him, or Should i?”.

No Pussy Today.

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