Durex Fundawear

Durex is a Australian Condom company and has come up with really great innovative idea to change the way  we had be communicating with our spouse and/or girlfriend/ boyfriend. Instead of just talking to your love, now you are sexually Eros them over long distance as well. Yes its a remote touching  This has become a very hot topic, And Durex is doing a lot of campaign over the facebook and other social media. But this product is yet out in the market.

It might bring the distance lover a great pleasure  and enthusiasm but who know you might be a victim of the hacker and this is the last thing you want  hackers to hack.

Here is how it works. You just buy a pair of these magic underpants called “Fundawear” and share each with your loved once. Once you wear it, download the smartphone app and you are good to go. you will be able to feel your lover’s touch.

Underpants has vibrating motors that gives the sense of touch and is activated by the smartphone app.

“You don’t wanna wear and drive or  go to school or work wearing them, who know some day soon everyone might activate anyone’s vibrator . And we will have a new rule, don’t wear and drive”.  I am Just kidding 😀







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