What is the difference between Bounded and UnBounded taskflows?


Oracle Adf Bounded and Unbounded Taskflow and difference between Bounded and Unbounded Taskflow.

Bounded TF have single entry point and can have zero or more exit points. Whereas Unbounded TF has one or more entry point for the application (adfc-config.xml).

Bounded TF must have a default activity (Which is the entry point) whereas Unbounded TF cannot have default activity.

Bounded TF can be parameterized where as UnBounded TF cannot be parameterized.

We can create multiple Unbounded TF but during runtime they all become into one unbounded TF, thus resulting into inefficiency whereas it’s not true in the case of Bounded TF.

Bounded TF is re-usable whereas UnBounded TF is not.

We can implement Undo feature with Bounded TF( because it supports Transaction) but UnBounded TF doesn’t.

In Nutshell, We have to have one Unbounded TF and many Bounded TF to take advantage of many features such as re-usability, train stop, data sharing between task flows , transaction, etc.

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